2016 Retreat

The Retreat is supported by The Misses Barrie Trust

In 2015, ten incredible young musicians spent an intense week together playing music, learning and rehearsing. The 2016 Retreat ran from 22 June to 1 July, and showcased the participating musicians in two public concerts in the second week.

Retreat Concert 1 – 28th June 2016

An informal concert to hear the discoveries of the musicians’ first few days of intensive musical exploration. The groups performed movements from the following pieces: BEETHOVEN Trio in c minor, MOZART Quintet in g minor, MENDELSSOHN Quartet Op 13 No 2, BRAHMS Sextet in G, SCHUBERT Quintet in C.

Retreat Concert 2 – 30th June 2016

SCHÖNBERG Verklärte Nacht – with Savitri Grier, Tami Pohjola, Diyang Mei, Krzysztof Chorzelski, Laura van der Heijden & Abigail Hayward

SCHUBERT String Quintet in C – with Colin Scobie, Alexander Janiczek, Hung-Tzu Chu, Ursula Smith & Leander Kippenberg

* * *

Meet the Musicians

Abigail Hayward cello
Abigail’s participation was supported by The Fenton Arts Trust

Colin Scobie violin
Colin’s participation was supported by The Cross Trust

Hung-Tzu Chu viola
Hung-Tzu’s participation was supported by The Fenton Arts Trust

Laura van der Heijden cello
Laura’s participation was supported by Frank Hitchman

Leander Kippenberg cello
Leander’s participation was supported by The Solti Foundation

Diyang Mei viola
Diyang’s participation was supported by Colin & Sue Buchan

Savitri Grier violin
Savitri’s participation was supported by Fidelio Charitable Trust

Tami Pohjola violin
Tami’s participation was supported by Gavin & Kate Gemmell

* * *

The participants and coaches from the 2016 ENF Retreat, at Kilrenny Church before their final concert. Photo by Colin Hattersley.

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View photos from the 2016 Retreat

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2016 Retreat Leaders

Alexander Janiczek Musical Director

Krzysztof Chorzelski viola

Ursula Smith cello

David Watkin cello

Valentin Erben cello
Valentin’s attendance was supported by The Hugh Fraser Foundation

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Support The Retreat

If you would like to support The Retreat, please get in touch with ian@eastneukfestival.com

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