Bálint Kruppa

Bálint Kruppa started playing the violin at the age of seven, which was also when he joined the Schola Hungarica Gregorian children’s choir led by László Dobszay. From the age of eleven he studied at the Special School for Exceptional Young Talents of the Liszt Academy under the tutelage of Eszter Perényi, who remained his most important mentor throughout his years at the Academy. He also studied musical composition. Academic study plays an important part in his life, so since 2016 he has been studying at the Liszt Academy Doctoral School, where he has chosen the violin works of Stravinsky as the theme of his doctorate. At present he is concentrating mainly on chamber music, regularly performing new pieces with his ensemble, the Kruppa String Quartet, and also teaching chamber music at the Liszt Academy. In 2013, he played at the Lockenhaus Kammerfest, and is a regular performer at contemporary music events such as the Hallgatás Napja (Day of Listening) festival, or the Arcus Temporum Festival in Pannonhalma. In 201,5 he won the Annie Fischer Scholarship, the Gundel Award for the Arts and the Junior Prima Award. He plays on a Nemessányi-violin, made in the 19th century.

Balint Kruppa, image by Kondella Misi