Derya Türkan

Derya Türkan was born in İstanbul in 1973. Beginning his studies at İstanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory in 1984, he studied kemençe with İhsan Özgen, and graduated in 1994. In 1990, he started to work as a guest musician in the İstanbul State Classical Turkish Music Ensemble under Necdet Yaşar, and played kemençe there for 7 years. He began working at TRT Radio İstanbul in 1991 and has worked there since 2000.

Derya Türkan has collaborated with a wealth of artists from Turkey, Greece, Armenia and beyond. With Kudsi Erguner he released the album Chemins and participated in the Sir Yehudi Menuhin 80th Birthday Celebration Concert organised by the President of France in the Paris-Sorbonne University. With Murat Aydemir, a distinguished tanbur player, he recorded 2 albums and toured both Germany and California. He was featured on the soundtrack of the Hollywood film Argo in 2012.

Today, he continues to perform in various concerts and projects with Jordi Savall, Bojan Zulfikarpasic, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Vincent Segal, Ross Daly, Enver İzmailov, Alim Qasimov, Erkan Oğur, Kayhan Kalhor and Şirin Pancaroğlu.

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Fri 29 June, 8pm, Anstruther Town Hall | Approx. 75 mins | £12 / £5
Renaud Garcia-Fons bass | Derya Türkan kemençe

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Derya Türkan with Renaud Garcia-Fons photo

Derya Türkan with Renaud Garcia-Fons