All in a day’s work

Posted on 25th June 2015 by Svend McEwan-Brown

Yesterday, as Artistic Director of the East Neuk Festival, I fulfilled many roles. For example I quite literally acted as a cash cow, or possibly mule. First task of the day was to pick up £XK of petty cash and … Continue reading

ENF’s Composer of the Year!

Posted on 30th March 2015 by Svend McEwan-Brown

No competition. Johann Sebastian Bach is definitely the composer of the year at ENF in 2015. Over the course of 6 days and 6 concerts we will hear solo works for cello and violin, a wonderfully beguiling cantata, 2-part inventions … Continue reading

Ventures into the Wild

Posted on 13th March 2015 by Svend McEwan-Brown

Festival Director Svend Brown’s personal passion for nature… If anyone asks what kind of festival East Neuk Festival is I will always say that whether we are presenting music, art, ideas or sand, it is first and foremost a site-specific … Continue reading

Time Travellers

Posted on 12th November 2014 by Svend McEwan-Brown

ENF is not generally big on themes. I like to make connections and savour intriguing juxtapositions, but themes… they can get a little heavy. This year is a bit of an exception and a thread of concerts called ‘Time Travellers’ … Continue reading

The Retreat

Posted on by Svend McEwan-Brown

This summer I want to tempt you to attend 2 very special concerts. I can’t tell you what will be in the programmes. I can tell you who will be playing – well, not exactly. Sound risky? Life is nothing … Continue reading

10 Questions for Sara Bittloch from the Elias Quartet

Posted on 2nd July 2014 by admin

Someone described the first violin to me as the ‘diva of the string quartet’. Is that fair or accurate? Maybe I’m not the person to answer this question! I hope that it’s not true in the negative sense of the … Continue reading

Sounds in the Landscape

Posted on 30th June 2014 by admin

I learned a new word quite recently (which probably just shows how hopelessly behind the times I am): psycho-geography! Unaware that I have been reading psycho-geographical books for years: I am a big fan of W.G.Sebald, especially his seminal work, … Continue reading

Dr Richard Holloway to offer his thoughts and reflections arising from Lovesong and Lament

Posted on 25th June 2014 by admin

Lovesong and Lament is a concert at East Neuk Festival on 2 July that brings together two masterpieces for strings written some 80 years apart. Brahms’ Sextet is quintessential Late-Romantic German music, a reflection on lost love: Brahms had come close … Continue reading

10 questions with Krzysztof Chorzelski

Posted on 2nd June 2014 by admin

Krzysztof Chorzelski is most familiar to ENF audiences as the viola player of the Belcea Quartet. He enjoys a diverse career including guesting with other ensembles (such as the Alban Berg, Ysaye and Pavel Haas Quartets); he is a viola … Continue reading

In praise of pathways

Posted on 11th March 2014 by admin

So many  paths across the actual littoral– not just the Fife Coastal Path, but all those purposeful  patterns of webbed feet on the beaches at high tide, the spoor-spotted tunnels through the undergrowth at the field’s edges. So many pathways … Continue reading