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The Festival is now firmly established on the classical music festivals calendar with news of our success spreading further afield each year.

The arts and music press recognise and praise the consistently high standards of both programming and performance, while the general consumer press is attracted to the quirkier aspects of our Festival – our much admired sand sculptures and the unusual concert venues – Scotland’s Secret Bunker, a Hardened Aircraft Shelter, a potato barn, a pitch dark scout hut and a cave to name just a few!

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2019 Press Releases

2019 Festival Launch press release – 25 Jan 2019

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2019 Full Brochure

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Download the 2019 Full Brochure

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2019 Preview Brochure

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Download the 2019 Preview Brochure

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What the critics said in 2018

A review of the Festival by David Nice of The Arts Desk

2018 Press Releases

Festival Launch press release – 5 Feb 2018

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What the critics said in 2017

On Thomas Oliemans, Malcolm Martineau, and the Belcea Quartet

A round up of the best bits of the festival, according to David Nice of The Arts Desk

On The Castalian Quartet

“The revelation… was the silvery playing of the Castalians”
The Arts Desk – David Nice

“You can heap superlatives on the work [Mozart’s clarinet quintet] and you can also heap the same amount on the performance by these five fine musicians (Castalian Quartet and Julian Bliss]. They brought new sheen, new vibrancy and magic to an old and well-loved favourite.”
The Courier – Garry Fraser 30 June 2017

On ENF Retreat

“For the past three years there’s been one outstanding performance at the final concert given by the young musicians… this time it was decisively the Dvorak Sextet in which violinist Shoko Murakami, viola players Carl Lee and Lilya Tymchyshyn and cellist Ariana Kashefi worked with ‘leaders’ Janiczek and Rafael Rosenfeld. This was a dancing, vivacious, utterly committed interpretation which could travel to other festivals.”
The Arts Desk – David Nice 11 July 2017

On ‘Soft/LOUD’

“It began with that hauntingly inflected and coloured soft playing at which Shibe… truly excels… Yet the stunners were the loudest electrics, world premieres in their guitar formats”
The Arts Desk – David Nice 11 July 2017

“Steve Reich’s New York Counterpoint and Electric Counterpoint, in which both musicians played against rippling ensembles of their pre-recorded selves, brought welcome focus in lithe, athletic, gently caressing accounts.”
The Herald – Keith Bruce 3 July 2017

“…a memorable piece of East Neuk Festival programming”
The Scotsman – David Kettle 3 July 2017

On De Profundis

“The full Bowhouse experience was the immersive De Profundis, masterminded by festival director Svend McEwan-Brown and that superb trumpeter John Wallace… of the four ENF immersive events I’ve attended, this felt the most meaningful”
The Arts Desk – David Nice 11 July 2017

“…captivating, highly moving… simply a unique, unforgettable experience
The Herald – Keith Bruce 3 July 2017

“…it was the almost tangible focus of all the performers involved that made the elements gel into a real festival event”
The Scotsman – David Kettle 3 July 2017

On The Schubertiad

“Leonskaja constantly finds new depths in everything she plays, so even the familiar interpretations sounded new, every phrase quivering with life and meaning… Best of all, Schubertiad-wise, was last. Leonskaja joining with three members of the Belcea Quartet and double bass player Alois Posch for a performance of the “Trout” Quintet which quickly struck that essential level reached in the most successful of meditations. Even at surface level, the glowing good humour of the performance harmonised beautifully with the special light of a perfect summer evening in Fife.”
The Arts Desk – David Nice 11 July 2017

“It [Schubert String Quartet D887 – Belcea Quartet] was a revelatory performance, as though questioning and unearthing entirely new perspectives on familiar music… Equally revelatory was the playing of legendary Russian pianist Elisabeth Leonskaja… who delivered remarkable strength in a gutsy account of Schubert’s lesser known Piano Sonata D537… there was a remarkable range of colours too, as she mined every phrase for meaning, looking beyond simple sonic beauty – though there was plenty of that – for perspectives that were at once earthy and visionary.”
The Herald – Keith Bruce 3 July 2017

“Oliemans has a wide palette for vocal colours at his disposal, particularly at the top of his range, but the truism is that this was a duo performance of the highest quality.” [Malcolm Martineau & Thomas Oliemans]
The Scotsman – David Kettle 3 July 2017

“The Wanderer Sonata [sic] is a work that calls for skill, stamina, agility and exceptional expertise and she [Leonskaja] shrugged off any indifference and provided a performance of sheer brilliance, one that more than deserved the now traditional East Neuk foot-stamping ovation.”
The Courier – Garry Fraser 1 July 2017

On ‘In the Footsteps of Thomas Kingo’

“Sommerro had set his bold, immediately likeable piece as a travelogue through the three countries, combining the playing of Fair Isle fiddler Chris Stout, Dundee-born harpist Catriona McKay and Mr McFall’s quintet to beguiling, foot-tapping effect.”
The Herald – Keith Bruce 3 July 2017

2017 Press Releases

PRS AWARD Press Release – 9 May 2017

Memorial Ground RPS Shortlist Press Release – 4 April 2017

De Profundis Press Release – 28 Feb 2017

ENF 2017 Launch Press Release – 6 Feb 2017

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What the critics said in 2016

A round up of the best bits of the festival, according to David Nice of The Arts Desk

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ENF won its 2nd PRS award for its 2016 commission "Memorial Ground"

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Sand sculpture of Schubert, from 2017 festival

Schubert Sand Sculpture by Sand in your eye. Photography by Colin Hattersley.

2017 Retreat, rehearsal of Dvorak at Kilrenny Church. Left to right are: Shoko Murakami (violin), Alexander Janiczek (violin), Lilya Tymchyshyn (viola). Photography by Colin Hattersley.